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    Ugreen’s new 300W Nexode GaN 5-port Charger will charge all your devices – fast – TalkAndroid.com


    Sep 7, 2023
    Ugreen's new 300W Nexode GaN 5-port Charger will charge all your devices - fast - TalkAndroid.com
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    If you are tired of the clutter from multiple chargers using all the plug sockets at your desk or hotel room, Ugreen’s new 300W charger could be the charger you need to restore some order to your situation. With 4 handy USB-C ports plus a legacy USB-A port, and a massive 300W output encased in a neat package which considering what it brings to the table, offers surprising portability that sits neatly on your desk or table.

    And price? Well, UGreen’s 300W Nexode GaN Charger can be had for just $199/£199 when ordered before September 19th, saving you a handy $50/£70 off its RRP.

    In a nutshell:

    • 300W Max Nexode Pro Charger: The USB C desktop charger supports max 300W output allowing you to fast charge 3 laptops at the same time.
    • MacBook Hyper Fast Charger: With the PD3.1 protocol, USB-C1 port pumps 140W to a MacBook Pro, It charges the 16″ MacBook Pro to 56% in 30 minutes,1.8X faster than a 65W USB C laptop charger(Note: When charging Macbook Pro 16” with 140W, please use USB-C to MagSafe3 cable for best results, not included in the package)
    • Charge 5 Devices Simultaneously: UGREEN 300W USB C charger provides 4 USB-C(PD 140W/100W) ports and 1 USB-A(QC18W/SCP22.5W) port, also supports Programmable Power Supply (PPS 45W) for compatibility with Samsung Super Fast Charging, enough to fast charge phones, tablets, and laptops simultaneously, all will be done with the USB C charger
    • Longer Cable, More Convenient: Comes with 2m detachable AC power cable and 1.5 m 240W USB C to C Cable, this 300W USB C charger allows you to work more efficiently with everything you need within arm’s reach
    • Long Term Longevity & Safety: Power Dispenser System intelligently adjusts power outputs protecting device’s battery, improving battery life; Thermal Guard System scans temperature 800 times per second, safeguarding your devices from overheating

    Simply apply the $50/£70 discount coupon on the product page and add the Ugreen 300W Nexode Charger to your Amazon basket via the link below to get it for the early-bird price of just $199/£199.

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