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    The best laptop stands for Mac: Elevate your workspace


    Sep 13, 2023
    The best laptop stands for Mac: Elevate your workspace
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    The best laptop stands can help in a number of ways, including ergonomics and keeping your Mac cool.

    MacBooks are undoubtedly top-of-the-line laptops, and as great as their lightweight, compact form factor is for portability, it’s not always ideal for your posture while working at a desk. A laptop stand, however, can help prevent you from hunching over and provide an ergonomic solution for correcting that desk-slouching posture many of us know too well. Additionally, many stands come equipped with holes for air ventilation, which can improve airflow for when your MacBook gets a bit heated and give you a place to rest your machine on a surface other than your bedsheets or couch cushion – where, for safety reasons, it should never be.

    Paired with monitors and multi-screen set-ups, laptop stands can also elevate your workspace – both literally and fashionably. With many having brushed aluminum or real wood finishes, the stand itself looks nice on a desk and may even help reduce some clutter – providing a space to collect papers under the stand instead of flooding your trackpad. Whatever the reason, we’ve done our research considering what we’d like to hold our MacBooks and collected the best laptop stands for Mac.

    The best laptop stands for Mac: Which one is best for you?

    As always, the best one for you is the one that fits your use case base. If your desk is the proper height, and you don’t need a huge amount of adjustment, the Rain Design laptop stand is a good-looking option. Those who need more adjustments can try out the Twelve South HiRise, Tonmom, and obVus laptop stands. If you have a maple desk, the maple HumanCentric stand is a good option.

    Ultimately, all the stands perform the same task of getting your Mac off of the table where you can more easily see it and use it. It also helps you avoid putting it on a bed, carpet, or other material where it might affect cooling. From there, choose the one you want. Be yourself.

    Why should I buy a laptop stand?

    There are several good reasons to own one. It helps you use your Mac in a more comfortable and ergonomic way. Laptop stands can also assist with cooling, help complete your home office setup, and even help with posture. Even the laptop arm stand works great for creatives who need to push their laptop out of the way to draw or create something on their desk. Some folks may not need the additional ergonomics, but many people can benefit from it.

    Can I use these laptop stands for other laptops?

    Yes, there is nothing about a laptop stand that makes it intrinsically for MacBooks. The selections we made above are there because they suit the MacBook better. For example, the Rain Designs laptop stand comes in colors specifically to match the MacBook color lineup while the Twelve South is sold directly from Apple. You can certainly buy these products for other types of laptops and they’ll work fine. At the end of the day, a laptop stand is just a stand that holds a laptop.

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