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    The 50 best anime on Hulu right now | Digital Trends
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    Hulu stands as one of the best streamers for streaming anime in the modern, much more accessible age of the genre. While other streaming platforms like Crunchyroll, Funimation, and HIDIVE are ideal places dedicated squarely to the genre, Hulu has a respectable anime catalog to supplement its flagship content. The service’s library is diverse as well, especially for a streamer that uses the genre as a complement, with a healthy mix of long-form TV series and beloved movies spanning every genre audiences would expect, ensuring that fans find some of the best anime on Hulu to suit their tastes.

    In addition to Hulu’s offerings, the Disney Bundle is another great way to get some impressive streaming value. With this bundled package, viewers get access to a wealth of TV, film, and sports-related content from Disney+, ESPN+, and the basic ad-supported Hulu subscription. Fans will be able to enjoy dozens of hours of Star Wars and Marvel Studios content.

    Fans around the world are surely thankful for the anime genre’s newfound accessibility in the modern age, but it can still nonetheless be intimidating to know where to start. Thankfully, for prospective fans who might be feeling even a bit overwhelmed, we also have a guide on the best anime available on Netflix so fans can make the most of their options.

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