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    Tesla starts selling the 2024 Model 3 in North America


    Jan 10, 2024
    Tesla starts selling the 2024 Model 3 in North America
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    Key Takeaways

    • Tesla has released the “Highland” refresh of the Model 3 in North America, addressing the issue of only being available in other regions.
    • The updated Model 3 features a sleeker and more modern design, improved aerodynamics, and new color options.
    • The interior of the Model 3 now offers improved acoustics, new suspension tuning for a smoother ride, and upgraded technology including a brighter touchscreen and an additional display for passengers.

    When Tesla updated its Model 3 back in 2023, it was very well received especially in terms of aesthetics. But there was one big problem — it was only available in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. The result? Those in North America and Tesla’s home country of the United States were left buying the older, outdated model. Now, that’s all changed.

    Tesla has confirmed that its popular sedan has been updated to the “Highland” refresh in North America, saying that orders can now be placed with delivery estimates of January or February. And while the first thing that people will notice about this refresh is the looks, the beauty here is definitely more than skin deep.

    Tesla Model 3 “Highland” tweaks

    You can’t talk about what’s changed without starting with the looks, though. Gone is the decidedly bulbous nose, replaced with a more sleek look that isn’t quite in Model S territory but is definitely a more modern approach. The headlights have had a refresh as well, adding to the more slippery aesthetic that has been extended to the rest of the exterior. The whole car also comes in a pair of new colors including the stunning Ultra Red. The less exciting Stealth Gray is the other new option that buyers can choose from.

    That new look is about more than just making the Model 3 appear more modern, too. It’s said to be more aerodynamic, and buyers can perhaps expect a slight increase in range. The updated 2024 Long Range Tesla Model 3 claims an EPA estimated range of up to 341 miles, an increase over its predecessor’s 333 miles. Those buying the rear-wheel model will get the same 272 miles, though.

    On the inside, there are improved acoustics thanks to new glass that should ensure a quieter ride than Tesla owners are perhaps used to. New suspension tuning should be a boon to those who found the previous model a bit choppy as well.

    Fans of light shows will enjoy the customizable ambient lighting while ventilated seats and an overall improved quality of interior materials round things out nicely.

    In terms of the technology, Tesla has brought a brighter touchscreen to its center console and the sound system has also been upgraded. A new 8-inch display has also been added to the rear of the car so passengers have something to poke should their phone’s battery die.

    There’s more good news when you take a look at pricing, too. The updated 2024 Model 3 starts at the same price as the outgoing model, which is welcome given the number of improvements that this new model can boast.

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