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    Surface Laptop Go 3: everything we know | Digital Trends
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    The Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 3 is coming and coming soon, with all the leaks pointing towards a debut at the upcoming Microsoft showcase show on the 21st. Alongside rumored launches, like the Surface Laptop Studio 2, Surface Pro 10, and a new Surface Go tablet, the Surface Laptop Go 3 should flesh out the next-generation range of surface devices with a capable, affordable clamshell laptop design.

    Here’s everything we know about the Surface Laptop Go 3.

    Winfuture.de / Winfuture.de

    Availability and pricing

    The Surface Laptop Go 3 is expected to debut for the first time at Microsoft’s September 21 showcase, with early availability rumored to be in early October. We don’t have full pricing for it — and we’ll need to wait for the big announcement to make it official — but the entry-level model with 256GB of SSD storage should start at $900.

    That’s quite a steep starting cost compared to the last-generation Surface Laptop Go 2. Its base model with 4GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD started at just $600 for the consumer version ($700 for Business). However, the 256GB SSD model started at $900, which is more comparable. This price rise is likely impacted by the steep inflation seen this past year but is also a symptom of the more impressive specifications for this generation of Surface Laptop Go.


    Microsoft has yet to make any official announcements about the Surface Laptop Go 3’s specifications, but we have some leaks and rumors that we can enjoy while we wait for the big news.

    The Surface Laptop Go 3 is said to be physically almost identical to its predecessor, with no real style or aesthetic changes to the chassis. Inside, however, it has been upgraded to more modern hardware, including an Intel Core i5-1235U. This is a CPU based on its last-generation Alder Lake architecture, but this is a substantial upgrade over the 11th-generation CPU in its predecessor. The new one has 10 cores (two performance cores and eight efficiency cores). This should give it excellent multi-tasking capabilities, and with its higher clock speeds and more advanced architecture, it will accelerate all manner of tasks far faster than the last-generation design.

    Further allegedly leaked info from WinFuture suggests that the base model will also feature 8GB of RAM and 256GB of SSD. That makes sense, as Windows 11 does not run well on its minimum of 4GB of RAM. But that would suggest we’ll see higher-end configurations with 16GB and 512GB in turn, though that will raise the price. We may see a 32GB option for business users.

    XDA Developers claims that although the internal hardware hasn’t changed much, it will have a dramatically redesigned interior to improve repairability. This is something we’re seeing more of from various manufacturers and would be a welcome change with an affordable laptop like this, where repairability is a big consideration for buyers who want to make the most of their laptop.

    Battery capacity is said to be the same, but with the greater efficiency of the new-generation CPU, we may see increased battery life. The Surface Laptop Go 2 could last 13.5 hours on a single charge, so we may see 15 hours with further efficiency improvements.

    The display too, is expected to remain the same. That’s a 12.45-inch display in a 3:2 format, with a resolution of 1536 x 1024. The port selection remains similarly limited, with one each of USB-C and USB-A, a Surface Connect port, and a single headphone jack.

    Surface Laptop Go 3 laptop from above.
    Winfuture.de / Winfuture.de

    What we’d like to see with the Surface Laptop Go 3

    While we await the impending announcement of this affordable laptop, here are some features we’re hoping make an appearance:

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