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Supporters of Brazil’s Bolsonaro storm Congress in capital

Supporters of Brazil's Bolsonaro storm Congress in capital
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Challenger defeats Brazil’s leader in runoff

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva wins Brazil’s presidential race over incumbent Jair Bolsonaro


Rio de Janeiro — Supporters of former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro stormed Congress in the capital of Brasília on Sunday, climbing on top of its roof and breaking the glass in its windows.

Others demonstrators were gathering outside the presidential palace and Supreme Court, although it was not immediately clear whether they had managed to break into the buildings.

Supporters of Brazilian former President Jair Bolsonaro hold a demonstration at the Esplanada dos Ministérios in Brasilia on January 8, 2023.

EVARISTO SA/AFP via Getty Images

The incidents, which recalled the Jan. 6 invasion of the U.S. Capitol, come just a week after leftist President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva was sworn in on Jan. 1.

Bolsonaro supporters have been protesting against Lula’s electoral win since Oct. 30, blocking roads, setting vehicles on fires and gathering outside military buildings, asking armed forces to intervene.

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