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    Starfield Overdesigned quest guide | Digital Trends

    Starfield Overdesigned quest guide | Digital Trends
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    As you get deeper into Starfield, more quests with greater rewards and more interesting plots will open up to you. The Overdesigned quest is given by Walter after a key story mission and has you joining his company as a consultant to help design a new ship. Whether or not you’ve spent much time in the custom shipbuilding part of Starfield or not, your character certainly isn’t experienced in all the nuances of design, marketing, budget, and taking on a general producer role. If you’re nervous about jumping into the business side of things and making the tough calls, here’s a full guide to the Overdesigned quest in Starfield.

    Overdesigned walkthrough

    Bethesda Softworks

    After getting the quest by talking to Walter, your first step will be to head to his Stroud-Ecklund space station to meet his team, which is working on a new ship design. Once you arrive, you will meet Jules, who will lay out the major roadblocks you’ve been brought on to solve, first of which is the budget.

    Your two main options here are to be conservative with the team’s funding, or to try and persuade Jules to ask for higher funding. If you have the persuasion skills to do so, getting a bigger budget will result in a better ship reward by the end, so do your best to increase the budget.

    The next task is to conduct some market research, or put more simply, go on a bounty board mission to get some information on ships. Just make sure you pick either a Passenger or Bounty mission for it to count.

    There’s an optional objective at this point to talk to the team and give them feedback, which you should do to ensure you get the ship reward you want. To get the Kepler R, which we recommend, give everyone positive feedback.

    To wrap things up, talk to Jules once more to pass on the data and then fast travel back to The Lodge to go over everything with Walter. If you secured the larger budget and gave positive feedback, you’ll get the Kepler R as a reward; otherwise, you’ll get the slightly worse Kepler S.

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