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    New photos show early MagSafe for iPhone prototypes with thinner design – 9to5Mac


    Jan 10, 2024
    New photos show early MagSafe for iPhone prototypes with thinner design - 9to5Mac
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    Everyone knows the story of Apple’s failed AirPower accessory, which Apple announced alongside the iPhone X in 2017 and failed to actually ever release. New images shared by Kosutami this week offer a look at one of the earlier MagSafe prototypes, which were reportedly developed around the same time as AirPower.

    According to Kosutami on social media, these MagSafe prototypes were produced around March 2017. Apple seemingly then put all of its eggs into the AirPower basket. AirPower would go on to be announced in September 2017, then canceled in March 2019 without ever launching.

    The development of MagSafe chargers similar to these prototypes was picked up after AirPower was canceled. The iPhone 12 was the first MagSafe-compatible device, launching in 2020 alongside a lineup of MagSafe accessories from Apple.

    The prototypes shown in Kosutami’s post feature a different design than what ultimately launched in 2020. They were apparently designed with the same material as the bottom of a HomePod and were thinner than the current MagSafe charging puck. The magnet layout was also different than what Apple ended up shipping alongside the iPhone 12.

    9to5Mac’s Take

    AirPower is still a black mark for modern day Apple, but the MagSafe ecosystem has flourished since its launch in 2020. There are a lot of really great MagSafe accessories out there at varying price points.

    (Side note: I recently picked up Mophie’s 3-in-1 Travel Charger with MagSafe. It’s pricey, but excellent and well worth the cost if you travel a lot.)

    It’d still be nice if AirPower existed in some form, but realistically I think MagSafe has had a bigger impact for most iPhone users than AirPower would’ve.

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