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iPhone 14 May Cost More, But People Still Eager to Upgrade to the New iPhone, Survey Suggests
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Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 14 series on September 7, and a new survey suggests that around 14 percent of iPhone users are planning to upgrade to the new iPhones despite reports of a price increase. The survey by savings.com points out that this number is up from last year, where only around 10 percent of existing iPhone users planned to upgrade to the iPhone 13 series. This can be considered surprising, given the economic impact of inflation, and typical tendency of iPhone users to stick to their devices for longer periods of time.

The survey by savings.com, conducted with a sample size of around 1,500 iPhone users, suggests that the iPhone 14 could have more takers than before, among existing iPhone users. As pointed out by 9to5Mac, the sample size is quite small, and this doesn’t necessarily indicate any real trend or tendencies as the survey itself claims.

This can be particularly noteworthy in markets like India, where the considerably higher true cost of the iPhone could encourage buyers to stick to the device for much longer than in markets such as North America and Europe. Furthermore, if Apple raises the prices of the iPhone 14 series, this could further deter many buyers or have them change their minds.

Interestingly, the survey also makes a few other fascinating points. Two out of three potential buyers have an existing iPhone model that is less than two years old. Faster processors, more device storage, and a better camera were cited as the main reasons for wanting to upgrade to the iPhone 14 series. Among those who stated that they would not upgrade, the main reasons were that their current iPhone still worked well, as well as the expected cost of upgrading to the iPhone 14.

The Apple iPhone 14 series is expected to launch globally on September 7. Various rumours suggest that Apple could introduce an iPhone 14 Max model this year instead of the iPhone 14 mini, offering users the option of a larger screen without the more advanced camera system ordinarily offered by the Pro and Pro Max models.

The lack of an iPhone 14 mini would also mean that the entry price for a current-generation iPhone would increase considerably, without even factoring in the possibility of a price hike. Apple could also launch the next-generation iPad and Watch devices at the same event, according to rumours.

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