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Michael B. Jordan, director and star of


Feb 7, 2023
Michael B. Jordan, director and star of
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Michael B. Jordan’s directorial debut in “Creed III”

Michael B. Jordan on “superpower” he learned for his directorial debut in “Creed III”


Michael B. Jordan is stepping behind the camera for his directorial debut in “Creed III.” He is also starring in the movie, reprising his role as boxer Adonis Creed — which proved to have some challenges, including directing while wearing a mouth guard. 

In a conversation with “CBS Mornings” co-host Gayle King, Jordan said that directing while acting was “frustrating at points,” but that he learned from others who have done it.  

“One of the cheat codes that I’ve learned from Bradley Cooper and Jon Favreau who have both acted and directed themselves in projects is the superpower to be able to direct while you act … if I wanted you to turn your body to your right, I would just start stepping that way in my performance and I’ll get the shot that I need,” he said.

“Watching while you’re shooting, you find little things that you can do to influence a shot without breaking the moment and calling, ‘cut,’ and going back to your actor and talking to them,” he said. “You could actually get that from them in the moment.”

More of Jordan’s conversation with King, and a surprise for HBCU basketball players, will air on “CBS Mornings” on Wednesday, Feb. 8.

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