• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

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    iPhone 15 has new battery health controls to prevent charging past 80%
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    iPhone 14 Pro Max at 100%

    iPhone 15 users looking to prolong their battery health a little further have a new option — an 80% charging hard limit.

    This isn’t the usual Optimized Battery Charging setting that stops the iPhone from charging once it hits 80%, then resumes charging to 100% to finish just before the user wakes up. Instead, the iPhone will never charge past 80%.

    Charging a battery is relatively efficient and uniform from 0% to 80%, but that last 20% generally takes more energy and produces more heat. This leads some users to consciously try to float their battery between 40% and 80% at all times to prolong battery health.

    Now, users no longer need to monitor charging and can have it stop at 80% automatically. However, AppleInsider continues to recommend users stick with Optimized Battery Charging and avoid this new setting.

    There is very little to gain from stopping an iPhone from charging past 80%. Instead, the user will suffer from not having access to the full potential of the battery capacity while only salvaging a few more weeks of battery health.

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