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    Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty Relic guide | Digital Trends

    Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty Relic guide | Digital Trends
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    The first and only expansion for Cyberpunk 2077 has far more than just a new area and missions to fill your time. Phantom Liberty is part of the 2.0 update that almost completely overhauls the systems introduced in the base game to be more in line with the original vision, It also adds new mechanics to flesh out the experience even further. Once you start the expansion, the first thing you will probably notice is the completely revamped skill system, which now includes a brand new tree called the Relic tree. These skills are all brand new, and alone could be reason enough to start a fresh adventure in Night City. But these Relic skills don’t function like the other skills where you simply need to level up to unlock and upgrade them. Don’t worry, Samurai, we’ll transfer all the data you need on how to get Relic skills and what each of them does.

    How to get Relic points

    The new Relic skill tree is the only new feature in terms of skills that you need to purchase the Phantom Liberty expansion to access. Once you begin the expansion, the tree and a few starting points will be given to you automatically from a new character. To get more Relic points, you have to track down a new feature called Militech Data Terminals rather than simply leveling up. These points will only pop up on your map once you’re close to them, so you will need to search them out for the most part.

    All Relic skills

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    The Relic skill tree is broken down into three branches: Jailbreak, Emergency Cloaking, and Vulnerability. Just like any normal skill tree, you need to unlock each skill in order to gain access to the next one, so planning out which branch you want to invest in before spending your precious points is vital, especially since some trees have many more levels to them than others. Here’s what each branch gives you:


    Jailbreak: Unlocks new abilities for your Arm Cyberwear, including the Mantis Blades, Gorilla Arms, Projectile Launch System, and Monowire.

    The Projectile Launch System can be overcharged by holding the fire button down to shoot a burst that deals AoE damage.

    Gorilla Arms can be charged as well, which creates a shockwave upon a hit that staggers enemies or knocks them into the air.

    The Monowire gains a slot for Control quick hacks that you can activate by charging it with no RAM cost.

    Note that each of the following not only requires you to unlock Jailbreak, but also have the associated Arm Cyberwear.

    Spatial Mapping: Any leaping attack you do with the Mantis Blades also cripples enemies and makes them more vulnerable to dismemberment for 10 seconds.

    Limiter Removal: Improves the Gorilla Arms shockwave to knock down all enemies in range.

    Launch Capacity Override: Increases the number of projectiles launched by 1.

    Data Tunneling: If you hit an enemy with a Monowire attack that you’ve inflicted with a quick hack, the next enemy you hit will also be infected by that hack.

    Emergency Cloaking

    Emergency Cloaking: Turns you invisible so enemies no longer know your location. Must have Optical Camo equipped as your current Combat Gadget.

    Sensory Protocol: If you’re crouched, when an enemy starts to detect you, time will slow down so you have a chance to break the line of sight. Has a 120-second cooldown.


    Vulnerability Analytics: While in combat, you can now see any enemy weaknesses in their armor and cyberwear. If you exploit those weaknesses, you gain a 100% increase to Crit Chance, +25% to Armor Penetration, and the normal Weakspot damage bonus. On top of all that, hitting a weakness will cause that target to emit an EMP blast that extends 3 meters.

    Machine Learning: If you destroy an enemy’s vulnerability, you get a 10% increased frequency of additional vulnerabilities appearing, plus 5% more critical damage against them. This lasts for 25 seconds, but can be stacked up to 5 times. If you stack to the max, all the positive effects become doubled.

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