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    Best MagSafe car mounts: Your dashboard companion


    Sep 19, 2023
    Best MagSafe car mounts: Your dashboard companion
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    When mounting your iPhone in your car, MagSafe offers the easiest and safest method possible.

    MagSafe may have been born as a simple charging solution for Apple’s Macs, but it’s really come into its own since Apple introduced it to the iPhone with the iPhone 12. And since, MagSafe offers both a unique method of attaching accessories to smartphones, and one of the few ways Apple allows fast wireless charging on its flagship device.

    So if you want to use your iPhone for navigation or listening to music, podcasts, or audiobooks in your car, one of the simplest ways to mount it is with a MagSafe car mount. You’ll get an easy, magnetic connection that requires next to no fiddling, and in many cases, the ideal way to charge your iPhone. The best MagSafe car mounts have strong magnets, some amount of adjustability, and at the very least are designed with charging in mind, whether wirelessly or with a cable. Don’t worry about searching on your own, we’ve gathered the best MagSafe car mounts for your perusal in our collection below.

    Best MagSafe car mounts: Which one should you get?

    If you need a way to have your iPhone in view in your car for maps or quick glances at your favourite playlist, your best bet is a MagSafe car mount. The Mophie Wireless Charging Vent Mount with MagSafe is an Apple approved charging method – one of the Apple Store chosen – with 15 W fast wireless charging that means your phone should always be topped off after a car ride. It’s not the most elegant option, but it hits all the right notes in terms of price and features.

    Belkin’s BoostCharge Pro Wireless Car Charger is really just Mophie’s mount in an even more compact, stripped-down package. It attaches to one of your car’s air vents, can be adjusted in case you need to change the angle of your iPhone on the fly, and it charges at 15 W rather than 7.5 W so that you won’t be tempted to pull out another cable while you’re driving.

    The most affordable option that still gets you fast charging is ESR’s Magnetic Wireless Car Charger. It doesn’t look as fancy as our other options, but it supports fast wireless charging, slips easily into a vent or onto a dashboard, with a strong magnet to make sure your phone doesn’t slide off.

    Is it better to attach your MagSafe car mount on your dashboard or your air vents?

    It really depends on your car. Air vent mounts are so common because dashboards and windshields are a lot trickier to stick things to. Not every adhesive or suction cup easily sticks to the surfaces, and increasingly, dashboards are sloped or crowded with other screens in a way that makes it difficult to find a place to put your phone. Air vents are pretty universal (save for futuristic EVs that play with A/C design), and almost always have enough room for a simple mount. They might not be as secure as sticking something to a flat dashboard, but that’s just one of the tradeoffs you’ll have to consider.

    Does a mount need to have “MagSafe” branding to stick to your iPhone?

    No. Any magnets arranged in a circle should connect to your phone, and any Qi-compatible wireless charger should charge it. MagSafe is a particular Apple flavour of magnets, charging, and software handshakes that theoretically guarantees a certain level of quality, but it’s not necessary to get the key benefits. In fact, several of the mounts we selected aren’t technically “MagSafe” accessories.

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