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    Best iPhone charger stands: Stand it up while you power it up


    Sep 19, 2023
    Best iPhone charger stands: Stand it up while you power it up
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    Wireless charging along with iPhone’s MagSafe has made topping up your phone battery all the more convenient. Instead of struggling to get your charging cable into the port, you can just place your iPhone on a wireless charger and watch your battery percentage climb, especially now with the iPhone 15 and second iteration of the AirPods Pro 2, switching from a lightning to USB-C charging port. One downside of many wireless chargers, however, is that you have to place your iPhone face up on a flat surface, meaning you can only see the screen properly from directly above.

    If you’d like to be able to comfortably view your iPhone screen even when it’s charging, then a charger stand may be just what you need. Here are some of the best iPhone charger stands available right now.

    Best iPhone charger stands: Our top picks

    With the ability to charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods all at the same, the Belkin BoostCharge PRO 3-in-1 makes the ideal charger stand for your bedside. It’s a stylish design that feels premium, and the space between the iPhone and Apple Watch chargers ensures there’s plenty of room to rotate your iPhone to landscape, with the MagSafe charger holding your iPhone 12 or higher securely in place.

    Belkin has a great reputation for Apple accessories. So much so, that Apple sells the Belkin BoostCharge PRO 3-in-1 directly from the Apple website. Our only gripe is that the LED that comes on when you’re charging your AirPods can feel a little bright at night.At first glance you’d be forgiven for thinking that this isn’t an iPhone charger stand at all. But flip up the top, and you can attach your MagSafe iPhone in portrait or landscape. Place your


    Anker 3-in-1 Cube with MagSafe

    2. Best iPhone charging stand for travel

    Perfect size and shape for travel

    If you’re looking for a MagSafe charger that can handle your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods but still be small enough to fit in your pocket then this is it. It’s the perfect travel companion.


    • Small and portable
    • Watch charger hides away
    • MagSafe compatible

    Apple AirPods on top and you can charge those too. And if you want to charge your Apple Watch, just slide out the Apple Watch module.

    It can feel a little cramped when charging three devices at once, but if you want to take it with you, just fold it back up into a cube, and you can slip it in a pocket or pack it in your bag, making it an ideal travel accessory.


    Belkin Quick Charge Wireless Charger with Bluetooth Speaker

    3. Best iPhone charging stand for music

    A charger and Bluetooth speaker combined

    $40 $50 Save $10

    If your bedside table is lacking in real estate, a combined charger stand and speaker can free up a little space.


    • Great for music
    • Solid landscape support
    • Ideal for hands-free calls

    Why buy a Bluetooth speaker and an iPhone charger stand when you can have both combined? The Belkin SoundForm Charge is a great bedside charger, allowing you to charge your iPhone in portrait or landscape and also play music through the built-in speaker.

    It’s also an ideal accessory for hands-free calls; the stand holds the iPhone in place, and the speaker ensures that you won’t miss a word of the conversation. There’s no MagSafe support, but the stand keeps your iPhone steady nonetheless.


    Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Stand

    4. Best iPhone charger stand for landscape support

    Keep your iPhone supported without MagSafe

    A simple but effective iPhone charger stand that provides solid landscape support without having to rely on magnets to hold your iPhone in place.


    • Good value
    • Stable landscape support
    • Clean design

    If you don’t need a Bluetooth speaker, but love the simple form of the Belkin SoundForm Charge stand, then the Belkin Boost Up is what you need. It’s basically the front of the Belkin SoundForm Charge without the speaker on the back, and can provide stable support in portrait or landscape despite lacking MagSafe support.

    The clever design means that your iPhone is always physically supported by the stand in both portrait and landscape, and doesn’t have to rely on magnets to hold it in place, unlike many rival stands. It doesn’t support the very fastest charging speeds, however.


    Anker PowerWave II Stand

    5. Best value iPhone charging stand

    Simple but effective

    Are you looking for a no-frills charging stand that supports both portrait and landscape? The Anker Powerwave II fits the bill.


    • Solid support in portrait and landscape
    • Good price
    • Intelligent charging output

    • Not the best looking
    • Not MagSafe compatible

    If the Anker Cube feels like the iPhone charging stand that James Bond would use, then the Anker Powerwave II is the opposite end of the spectrum. It may not be all-singing and all-dancing, but it will wirlelessly charge your iPhone in portrait or landscape at up to 7.5W.

    It’s definitely not the best-looking charger stand on this list, but it’s well-priced and can charge through fairly thick phone cases. There’s no MagSafe support for faster iPhone charging, but it will adapt the charging power to maximise the charging speed for different brands and models of smartphone.


    ESR 3-in-1 MagSafe Charger Stand (HaloLock)

    6. Best iPhone charger stand for versatility

    Jack of all trades

    $60 $77 Save $17

    A 3-in-1 charging stand with a detachable Apple Watch charger that makes it an incredibly versatile choice.


    • Charge three devices at once
    • Detachable Apple Watch charger
    • MagSafe compatible

    • Not fully Apple certified

    This iPhone charger stand doesn’t just stand up; it stands out. That’s because it’s the only stand on this list that has a detachable Apple Watch charger. Unplug it from the stand, and you can plug it directly into any powered USB-C port and charge your Apple Watch. It’s a good option if you often wear your Apple Watch to bed to track your sleep, and charge it during the day.

    It’s MagSafe compatible so can offer faster charging at up to 15W for newer iPhones. The Apple Watch charger is officially Apple certified, but the iPhone charger isn’t.


    Native Union Rise Dock

    7.Best iPhone charger stand for a MagSafe charger

    Sleek design to complement your MagSafe charger

    Made from premium weighted metal, this iPhone stand is designed to hold your MagSafe charger and looks and feels premium quality.


    • Stylish design
    • Strong and sturdy

    • Requires separate MagSafe charger

    If you’re leaving your iPhone charger stand beside your bed, you want something that looks smart. The Native Union Rise certainly manages that; it’s a simple but sleek design that won’t feel out of place in a modern bedroom.

    It’s also got a surprising amount of weight thanks to the premium metal construction, meaning that you can remove your iPhone one-handed without the whole stand coming with you or toppling over. The stand itself isn’t powered; you’ll need to insert a MagSafe charger to provide power to your iPhone.


    Lamicall Desk Phone Holder

    8. Best iPhone charger stand for wired charging

    Ideal stand for wired charging

    If your iPhone doesn’t support wireless charging, or you just prefer to plug it in, this simple stand will let your position your iPhone at the perfect angle.


    • Inexpensive
    • Highly adjustable

    • No wireless charging
    • Requires separate charger

    All the other iPhone charger stands on this list take advantage of the wireless charging capabilities of modern iPhones that were introduced with the iPhone 8. If you’re rocking an older phone, or you just prefer to plug your phone in old-school style, then this phone stand is an inexpensive option.

    The stand allows you to position your iPhone in portrait or landscape, and has a wide range of motion from almost flat to perfectly vertical and even beyond. The stand has useful holes in the base so that you can fit your charging cable through without too much mess, and the cradle has anti-slip rubber cushions to protect your iPhone and keep it in place.

    The bottom line: What’s the best iPhone charging stand?

    The Belkin BoostCharge Pro takes the top spot; it can charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods all at the same time, and offers 15W fast charging. It’s good enough for Apple to include it on its own website, so you know that compatibility and reliability are high. It also looks pretty sleek. There are cheaper options, especially if you only need iPhone charging, but it’s a charger stand that is likely to offer you a lot of loyal service.

    If you’re not a fan of wireless charging, the Lamicall Desk Phone Holder is an inexpensive way to keep your iPhone visible on your nightstand whilst it’s plugged in to charge.


    Belkin BoostCharge PRO 3-in-1 Wireless Charger with MagSafe

    Editor’s Choice

    Style and function

    Charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods all at the same time with this stylish stand. Offers 15W faster wireless charging.

    How I chose the best iPhone charger stands

    With the release of StandBy mode in iOS 17, charger stands that can offer landscape orientation are going to be increasingly popular. All the stands on this list can offer both portrait and landscape orientation; you don’t want to fork out for a new iPhone charger stand only to find that you can’t take advantage of StandBy mode when it arrives. Fast charging is a useful feature, but since these types of stands are often used for charging overnight, it isn’t essential. Since not all iPhone owners also own AirPods or Apple Watches, I’ve also selected a mix of 3-in-1 chargers and iPhone only chargers.

    How to Choose an iPhone charger stand

    When you’re looking for an iPhone charger stand, there are a few important things you need to look out for. That’s because not all iPhone charger stands will work with all models of iPhone.

    Does power matter?

    The power offered by your iPhone charger stand will determine how quickly your iPhone can charge. All iPhones that have wireless charging can charge at rates up to 7.5W. A charging stand that offers 10W or higher should be sufficient.

    Since the iPhone 12, newer iPhones have also been able to support faster charging at up to 15W. To take advantage of faster charging, the iPhone uses magnets to locate your iPhone in the perfect position to charge, so you’ll need to choose a charger stand that is MagSafe compatible.

    Why is landscape support important?

    One of the new features of iOS 17 is StandBy mode. This allows you to display information on your iPhone whilst it’s charging, such as a clock face or photos. This feature is designed to be used with your iPhone in landscape mode, so if you want to take advantage of this feature, be sure to choose an iPhone charging stand that supports this orientation.

    Is my iPhone supported?

    Wireless charging was introduced with the iPhone 8. If you’re using an older phone, you won’t be able to use any charging stands that offer wireless charging. Instead, look for an iPhone stand without charging capabilities, and plug in your charging cable is as normal.

    Since the release of the iPhone 12, new iPhones have also supported MagSafe. This is a series of magnets built into your phone which helps it to snap securely into place on MagSafe accessories, so that your iPhone is perfectly aligned with the charger. This allows MagSafe chargers to offer faster charging speeds up to 15W.

    If your phone is an iPhone 11 or older, a MagSafe charger won’t be able to lock your iPhone in place like it can with a newer iPhone.

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