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    Best cases for a 13-inch MacBook Pro 2023: Protect and personalize


    Sep 21, 2023
    Best cases for a 13-inch MacBook Pro 2023: Protect and personalize
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    Give your 13-inch MacBook Pro the premium protection and custom style it deserves.

    You’re already paying the “Apple tax” for a new Sillicon MacBook Pro, and as impressive as the 13-inch model is, it’s not exactly known for durability. The aluminum shell is easily scratched and expensive to repair. Therefore, your best bet for protect is a good case or sleeve.

    A sleeve is great for travel; put your MacBook Pro in it and toss it into your bag. Alternatively, you can put a case on one like you do a smartphone, and it’ll have at least some protection all the time. None of them will save your MacBook Pro from being tossed out of a moving vehicle, but honestly, who expects that level of protection? Here are the best 13-inch MacBook Pro cases and sleeves you can get.

    Best 13-inch MacBook Pro cases: Which one is right for me?

    It’s mostly up to you and what kind of protection you want. Cases like the Tech21 Evo or Spigen Thin Fit are great for everyday protection while you carry your laptop around or leave it on the desk. Sleeves like the MOSISO are great for travel. Meanwhile, skins add virtually no bulk, let you customize your laptop, and protect the top from scratches, but also provides the least overall protection.

    All three types of MacBook Pro protection are popular, and they all work to the extent that you would expect. Thus, you should choose the one that best fits your style and needs. Another idea is to mix and match. Get yourself a nice skin and then a clear case so you can still see the skin but have protection while moving your MacBook Pro around.

    How often should I remove my MacBook Pro from the case and clean it?

    Consistently. Cases have one flaw in that dust and debris can become trapped under the case. This can lead to the very scratches and abrasions that you’re trying to protect your MacBook Pro from. You should do it more often if you often travel and your MacBook is in your bag a lot. If it’s just sitting on a desk all the time, you can clean it less often.

    Should I also get a keyboard cover for my MacBook Pro?

    Probably not. They look nice, and they do offer some protection for your laptop keys. However, there are widespread reports of folks scratching their screens when they close their MacBooks and carry them around. If you intend on leaving your MacBook sit on the same desk every day, and you only intend on moving it around your house, you can probably get away with it, but we recommend removing it when taking your MacBook places outside your home.

    Can cases damage a MacBook Pro?

    Yes, but it’s not common, and cleaning can help prevent damage from dust and debris build-up. Also, it’s possible, although unlikely, that cases can interfere with the hinges and damage those as well. Make sure whatever case you get lets your MacBook close all the way, and you should be okay.

    Can cases cause heat dissipation issues?

    Yes, that is a problem, especially if you have an older 13-inch MacBook Pro. The newer Apple Silicon doesn’t heat up quite like older Intel-based MacBooks, but it’s still a concern. Your best bet is to try out a case and if you get overheating, then remove the case and return it.

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