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Belgium to review iPhone 12 radiation risks, following France ban – 9to5Mac


Sep 14, 2023
Belgium to review iPhone 12 radiation risks, following France ban - 9to5Mac
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Contemporaneous with the launch of the iPhone 15, a scandal surrounding the iPhone 12 brewed this week. France regulators have banned sales of iPhone 12 as it claimed the phone’s radiation exposure exceeded legal limits.

Apple has rejected the findings. But the story is still gaining steam. Via Reuters, Belgium this morning said that it is also now reviewing potential health risks relating to iPhone 12.

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The Belgium state secretary said it is his duty to ensure their citizens are safe. Via Reuters:

“I have rapidly reached out to the IBPT-BIPT (regulator) to ask for an analysis about the potential danger of the product”, Michel said, adding he had also asked the regulator to review all Apple smartphones, as well as devices made by other producers, at a later stage.

Of course, the iPhone 12 launched back in 2020. To have the phone go on sale initially, Apple would have had to have the phone comply with radiation standards and received international safety accreditation.

Nevertheless, the France ban has opened the door to a wave of bans across Europe. Regulators in Germany are also reportedly investigating and a Spanish consumer group is campaigning for the device to be removed from sale in the country.

Somewhat conveniently, Apple stopped selling the iPhone 12 on its own this week. When the iPhone 15 was introduced, the previous generation models moved down the line in price and the oldest — the iPhone 12 — has left the lineup. Or perhaps, that will just fuel a round of radiation-related conspiracy theories.

Despite multiple studies over the year, it’s also worth reiterating that there is no scientific evidence to suggest that the levels of radiation produced by smartphones can cause any adverse impact on people’s health.

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