• Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

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Apple attempts to control the message around France's iPhone 12 RF radiation debacle
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iPhone 12 on the edge of a recall

France is threatening a recall of all iPhone 12 models due to concerns over radio frequency exposure, and Apple has instructed staff control messaging on the matter.

Apple has denied that there’s an RF radiation issue, but the fight isn’t over yet. According to a report from Bloomberg, Apple has instructed tech support staff to stick to a script and not volunteer information to consumers asking about the issue.

If a customer asks about the French government’s claims or a potential recall, employees are meant to reply stating that they don’t have anything to share. If pressed, staff can communicate Apple products go through rigorous testing for safety.

Companies that face legal challenges, like Apple in France, often provide employees with strict guidelines on discussing the matter. The practice ensures that the message is under control and that employees aren’t sharing things that may need official corrections later.

Apple says that the iPhone 12 falls within the requirements set by the EU and is safe. Also, note that RF radiation isn’t the same as ionizing radiation created from decaying radioactive materials and requires significant energy to harm humans.

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