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Anker Prime 27 Power Bank charger and base review


Sep 11, 2023
Anker Prime 27 Power Bank charger and base review
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Anker is constantly pushing the smartphone and tech accessory market forward. However, the company made its bones on charging and the new Anker Prime 27 Power Bank adds another compelling option for users to charge devices. This hybrid charger can handle those situations both at or away from home.


The first thing that really hit me on the Anker Prime 27 is the fit and heft of the build. This charger is highly premium when you take it out of the box. A mix of metals, plastics, and possibly glass makes this one of the highest-quality units Anker has ever produced.

The port selection is what you’d expect from Anker these days. You have two USB-C ports and a traditional USB-A. This offers a great option for legacy and current charging. Around the right side is a power button to turn the unit on and off.

The base features a similar build and ports, but the wireless charging of the Prime 27 power bank is the key feature. Atop the base, you have five pogo pins with corresponding conductors on the power bank. There’s also a strong magnetic surround on each device that not only helps it align but keeps it very stable while in use.

Around the right side of the Anker base, you have the same USB-C tandem and single USB-A ports. The power outputs are the same at 140W max via USB-C and 65W USB-A. The flexibility of having a base that recharges wirelessly at 100W and the additional ports make this the perfect at-home and on-the-go companion charger.

LED display and app

Moving to the front of the Anker Prime 27, you’re greeted with a crisp, LED display. This houses glanceable information showing the battery life, output wattage, and inputs. It even designates the ports currently being used on the power bank. It’s a nice addition for real-time updates of your power bank that Anker added to some of its lineup last year and seems to be expanding with the likes of the Prime 27.

The same is true for the Anker app. Here you can find even more real-time info via the Bluetooth connection. This offers similar displays of output, estimated battery life left, and even firmware updates. Anker has one of the better apps in the industry and it integrates well with the Prime 27.

Performance and battery life

Using the Anker Prime 27 and base on a daily basis has been fantastic. The high voltage output allows you to seriously charge any device you have that is compatible with USB power. For me, this has included iPads, phones, and even my Dell enterprise laptop.

I had to work while on a recent road trip a few days after receiving the Prime 27 from Anker. This offered me a great lab to test this power bank. Not only did it recharge my phone once on the 12-hour ride, but it was also able to top my laptop from 20% to full power.

I had plenty of juice to spare even after this. I think I could have come close to recharging my laptop again and possibly my phone again. The battery life will vary, but with 99.54Wh/27,650mAh of internal power, I can’t imagine this thing running out for most folks in a single day.


Anker has been in the business of innovating mobile charging for years. The Anker Prime 27 power bank and base continue this tradition in incredible fashion. With the premium build, 250 Watts of total power, and optional charging base, you have one of the most flexible charging solutions you can find.

You can purchase the Anker Prime 27 either as a standalone power bank for $180 or add the base station for another $70. It’s past an impulse buy, but if you are a consistent traveler, I think it’s well worth the investment. Better yet, maybe you can get your sourcing department to snag you one on the company.

Purchase the Anker Prime 27 power bank from Anker

Purchase the Anker Prime 27 charging base from Anker

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