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    #AmpYourAwesome With the Samsung Galaxy A Series’ ‘No Shake Cam’

    #AmpYourAwesome With the Samsung Galaxy A Series
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    Innovations that set a new benchmark are customary for tech giant Samsung. And with every innovation comes a piece of work that sets itself apart. Samsung’s Galaxy A Series smartphones do have such innovative features that will help you amplify your awesome and let you show off your unshakeable spirit. Today, we’ll tell you a story about how Samsung came up with the #AmpYourAwesome campaign idea and what is it all about.

    So, where did it all start?

    The Galaxy A Series smartphones have a plethora of features to delight over. But out of all those, Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) stood out. Why? We’ll tell you in a bit. When Samsung identified what was different about the A Series, it was time to find a way that would not just highlight the segment-first hardware feature, but also stays in everyone’s hearts. 

    Understanding the problem

    Samsung, and their creative partners, Cheil India, understood that India’s Gen MZ (Millennials and Gen Z) consumers are evolved and look for a lot more than just megapixels to get a good capture for their social handles. 

    Gen MZ doesn’t care about a higher megapixel camera. All they want is a great camera that can capture mesmerizing photos according to their needs. And that is where Samsung’s innovative OIS feature steps in. This feature uses a combination of hardware and software processing that is advanced enough to deliver clear and sharp photos even in low light. 

    However, the issue is that India’s young consumers understand Image Stabilization as a concept, but not the technology behind it. So, Samsung and Cheil India decided to highlight the OIS feature using a solid combo of relatability, thrill, and comprehensibility. So, they can show the relevance of No shake Cam in Gen MZ’s life today.

    Arriving at the situation

    Thinking of an idea that can be truly relevant to Indian Gen MZ’s life is tough. But when you are thinking about an authentic Indian setting, you can hardly not think of dance, music, and gatherings. And the only perfect culmination of all of these is weddings. And that is what stuck with the team, the wedding theme that can truly show the use cases of Samsung’s OIS feature. Since, post-Covid, weddings are back with a bang, bigger than ever. Gen MZ is all set to give old traditions a modern and fun twist with their cheery approach, so they can set their social media feeds on fire. And Samsung’s OIS feature will help them do it.

    Samsung decided to call it the ‘No Shake Cam’, which will let the users capture all photos and videos without blurring them out. It is a feature that compensates for hand movement. So when your hands shake while taking a picture, the sensors in the OIS mechanism quickly sense the direction and move the lens around in the opposite direction. This entire process helps you get stable, blur-free shots and videos, no matter what you do.

    No Shake Cam will help Gen MZ, who put all their efforts into creating something fresh and unique, capture the won’t-repeat-again moments beautiful and blur-free. 

    Putting the idea to work

    Samsung Galaxy A Series, with its no Shake Cam, is here to amp everyone’s awesomeness in the most spontaneous way possible. The film, directed by Avinash Jai Singh, a filmmaker who understands Gen MZ like the back of his hand, says that the pulse of Galaxy A Series is vibrant, young, and fun. The film he has directed shows how Samsung’s No Shake Cam let Prit amplify his awesome skills by helping him capture the unique and groovy bridal entry of the stunning Shanaya Kapoor. 

    The film resonates with the life of Gen MZ. The life in which things that make them social worthy are the unskippable moments that come in a jiffy. And how one has got to be ready even if it’s a shaky moving situation. The film shows how two youth influencers, Prit and Shanaya, come together and negotiate all the shakes and nudges that life throws at them.

    The film shows how the ‘No Shake Cam’ feature does not let Prit’s shaky hands give shaky videos of Shanaya’s awesome wedding dance. Samsung Galaxy A Series smartphones are set to capture the celebrations with the twirl, the groove, and the glide, without blurring it out. The innovative ‘No Shake Cam’ feature is for those who want nothing but shake-free videos and pictures, and that’s what we can see happening when Shanaya asked Prit to shoot her groovy dance video.

    Also, the Samsung Galaxy A Series smartphones are not just ready to handle the shaky moments, but also the spills or splashes that put a pause to your cheerful times. These smartphones feature IP67-rated water and dust resistance to keep you going and #AmpYourAwesome. 

    So, no matter what, you can trust the Samsung Galaxy A Series to rise to the occasion by bringing blur-free videos that will become a memory of a lifetime. Simply get your hands on the #AwesomeGalaxyA and #AmpYourAwesome.

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