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    5 most anticipated Amazon Prime Video shows of 2024, ranked | Digital Trends
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    Fallout – Teaser Trailer | Prime Video

    As we launch into the new year, one of the best things to look forward to is a roster of new and returning shows that are coming to every streaming platform. While the writers’ strike might have thrown a temporary wrench in scheduling many of these shows, every streaming platform has plenty of great new and returning shows worth looking forward to.

    Prime Video has built up a solid roster of original shows to complement everything else the streaming service has to offer. Here are five shows we’re looking forward to catching in 2024.

    5. Hazbin Hotel (Jan. 19)


    A high-concept animated musical series that already has a built-in audience, Hazbin Hotel is a workplace sitcom that is set in a hotel for damned souls living in hell. While that may sound like a fairly heavy concept, the show proves to be remarkably light on its feet, especially considering the musical elements of its premise.

    Featuring a voice cast that includes plenty of heavyweight Broadway talents, as well as an endlessly creative writing staff that’s always searching for new and inventive ideas, there’s a reason that Hazbin Hotel has become something of a cult phenomenon.

    4. Mr. and Mrs. Smith (Feb. 2)

    A man and a woman look disheveled and dirty in a scene from Mr. & Mrs. Smith on Amazon Prime Video.
    Amazon Prime Video

    Adapted from the scorching Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie movie of the same name, Mr. and Mrs. Smith seems to be adapting pretty freely from its source material. The show stars Donald Glover (also a producer on the series) and Maya Erskine as a pair of agents who go undercover as a married couple.

    The stars will face a new mission each week, leaving room for the inclusion of fabulous guest stars like Paul Dano, Ron Perlman, and Michaela Coel in the first season alone.

    3. Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power season 2 (TBA)

    Morfyyd Clark in The Rings of Power.
    Amazon Prime Video

    Set thousands of years before the events of the films we all know and love, The Rings of Power may be the most high-profile show in the history of Amazon Prime Video, and it should be back for its second season in 2024. The show concluded its first season by revealing who Sauron is, and giving us a sense of how Mordor was created.

    The Middle-earth of The Rings of Power is not the one we all know, but it’s rapidly transforming into that. Although it’s impossible to say where The Rings of Power might go in its second season, fans are definitely eager to find out.

    2. Invincible season 2, part 2 (TBA)

    The promo poster for Invincible season 2.
    Prime Video

    Invincible gave fans half of its second season in 2023, and the other half is set to debut in 2024. Although this definitely isn’t a superhero show for kids, Invincible is nonetheless the kind of deeply self-aware show that fans have flocked to in recent years.

    The show, which is adapted from a popular comic of the same name and first debuted all the way back in 2021, has faced some long production delays in the lead-up to its second season. It feels safe to say that the show’s second season will end next year, even if the timeline for a potential third season remains very much up in the air.

    1. Fallout (April 12)

    Ella Purnell in Fallout.
    Prime Video

    Adapted from the popular video game franchise of the same name, Fallout follows a sheltered survivor of a nuclear apocalypse who ventures out into a world transformed into a wasteland populated by mutants, scavengers, and other potential dangers.

    Developed by the creators of Westworld, a run by a staff that comes with a wide array of different TV experiences, Fallout is seeking to replicate the template set out by The Last of Us in 2023. Will it succeed? Only time will tell.

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