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    2025 Mini Countryman E makes U.S. debut, arrives fall 2024


    Sep 18, 2023
    2025 Mini Countryman E makes U.S. debut, arrives fall 2024
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    The 2025 Mini Countryman was revealed in electric SE ALL4 form at this year’s Munich Motor Show, but now it’s time to see the base E version of the next-gen Countryman make its debut in the U.S.

    As you can see from the photos, the base E (painted in green) looks notably different from the SE ALL4. All of the gold-tinged accents are replaced with glossy black, and the distinctive panel aft of the C pillar nearly disappears into the design because it blends into all the other black-painted trim. The front grille design is similar, but it doesn’t have the matte gold surround or the side intakes on the corners of the lower bumper. Of course, the green “S” isn’t present either, and the look in general is far less sporty.

    Perhaps the most jarring of all the changes is the different (and much smaller) wheel design. Instead of the 20-inch flashy blades seen on the SE model, this Countryman E is rocking much more sedate 18-inch wheels in a traditional bright alloy appearance. All that extra sidewall makes the Countryman look more like the larger crossover that it is, and ultimately, our eyes tend to favor the larger wheel option.

    The Countryman E’s rear design is largely the same as the SE, though the lower bumper features a painted insert instead of brushed brightwork. Mini’s bright side sills are deleted on the E, as well, replaced by a simple, black plastic sill.

    Unfortunately, this reveal is largely just a reveal in photos. The only nugget of information Mini had to add is that this electric Countryman will arrive stateside in the fall of 2024. Basically, you’ve got at least another year to wait until you can put one in your driveway. More specs and details for the U.S. market will be released in due course.

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